Don’t get confuse between rabbits and hares

People usually get quite confused between rabbits and hares because not only they look similar, sometimes their names are confusing.

For example the Belgian hares are actually not hare and Jackrabbits is not actually a rabbit.

Rabbit and hare family:

Both rabbits and hares belong to the same order Lagomorpha and family Leporidae and they both have short tails. Hares are usually larger than the rabbits.

The main difference between rabbits and hares is that:


-are stronger built so that they can run away from predators.
-usually have bigger size and higher speed.
-hare babies have hair and are able to see.
-have stronger hind legs than rabbits which allow them to run faster.
-live above the ground.
-not as social and they usually live by themselves.

-have brown fur in the summer and it is replaced with grey fur in the winter whereas hares fur is replaced with white fur in the winter.
-the rabbit babies are blind and hairless.
-are domesticated and often kept as pets while hares are not. Domestic rabbits have diverted into a lot of cute rabbit breeds.
-mostly live underground.
-generally live in group.

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What about Belgian hares and jackrabbits?

The Belgian hares are :
-originally bred to be a meat rabbit, a meat source for human.
-believed to be one of the most intelligent rabbits and are able to learn their names. (well my rabbits know their names too)
-the most active rabbit among all domestic rabbits.

The jackrabbit is simply a species of hare. There are several types, such as the black-tailed jackrabbit and the white-tailed jackrabbit.


Are you buying a hamster?

I had a hamster 2 years ago and I can tell he likes me as much as I like him.

coshu the hamster

Coshu the hamster

I usually let him free run in my room. Of course the room was hamster proofed. Coshu (my hamster) would run around and sometime take a snap in the corner under the bed. But eventually he will get back to his cage and sleep. Sometime he would try to climb up to me and ask for attention.

Coshu the hamster

Coshu the hamster

Hamsters are great pet. The only downside is that their life is too short.

Here’s some basic info about hamster:

·         Hamsters have short live spans

Hamsters live up to 2 years (if you are lucky, 2.5-3 years) so you will have to prepare yourself for eventual heartbreak. Due to the short lifespan, it is difficult to re-home a hamster. Consider carefully whether you can commit to give the hamster a good life before you buy any hamsters.

Do not buy a hamster if you don’t have the commitment. It is all too easy to leave them in a cage in the corner of the room and forget about them.

·                    Dwarf or Giant Breed?

Coshu is a Syrian hamster and I think it is an amazing breed. He doesn’t bite and he very well trained. He doesn’t pee outside of his cage and sometimes he would try to get your attention.

Golden hamsters or Syrian hamsters are better for children because they are easier to handle and they are more friendly. They also tend to be more responsive to people.

The other smaller breeds (Russian Campbell, Roborovski etc.) are more difficult to handle and sometimes they bite.

Depending on what you want from your hamster, you will have to consider which breed you prefer. Look here to know more about hamsters breeds.


                    Hamsters need plenty of exercise

Coshu used to spend hours running on his wheel. The worst thing is he only ran at night when everyone is sleeping. This could be quite noisy if you are using a cheap plastic wheel.

Hamsters may be small but wild hamsters travel long distances during night time to find food. It’s the same for your hamsters. Give your hamster an exercise wheel and be aware that they will get addictive to the wheel. So remember to fill up the water bottle regularly to make sure that your hamster does not run out of water.

Also get an exercise ball so you can let your hamster to run around inside the house. A hamster that sits in the cage all day is a very sad hamster.

Learn more about getting a hamster before you buy one. Understand more about these little fluffy friends and give them the care they need, and they will become your best pets and best friends in your life.