Rabbit Nibbles on a cone after injury

Last year summer,Summer and Nibs had a fight. It was not the first time they had fought but never had the situation been that serious.

Nibbles in a cone

Nibbles on a cone

The two rabbits were sold as girls in the pet shop and when I got home I realise they were both boys!!

I had them neutered after a few months and it seems that they love each other’s company. They were living in the same cage originally, but this was not a good idea. There were a few fights and both rabbits got injured when they were living in the same cage. We then bought another cage to separate them.

Then it went on fine for about 2 months. We let them out together for 5 minutes at beginning then gradually increased the time. But one day, we thought they were cleaning each other like they always do, all the sudden they started fighting and Summer pull Nibbles skin out.

We took him to the vets and they stitched the wound up. Nibs had to stay in the vet and had to be re-stitched the next day as he lived up to his name and bite all the stitches out.

That was where the cone came from. He was on an antibiotic (Baytril) and an anti-inflammatory (Metacam) for ten days.Rabbit medicine being mixed into his food

Rabbits on cones are slightly different to other animals on cones.

Rabbit get very confused when they are wearing a cone. It is not very comfortable for their ears, particularly if they have long ears. Nibs was a bit scared of the cone at first but he became used to it. He still tried to remove it at every possible moment. In my other post, there are some advices for using cone on rabbits and things that need to be aware of when using a cone.

Nibbles resting

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