More Useful Info on Dogs Eating Poop

If you catch your dog eating poop, you should know that you are not the only dog owner confronting with this problem. Puppies and dogs alike can find other dog or cat’s poop appetizing as surprising as this may appear to us. If this is observed with your puppy, then you should know that to them it is mostly a sign that reflects the curiosity they have on the world around them.

When you talk about the diet of animals, you would not think about poo. But as a dog owner, I sometime think that my puppy eat poo for a living. They have been just brought into this world and they need to eхplore it and find out more about it, even if this means for them to eat poop. They have no idea what that is, so they will take a shot at this one and find out more about it. The same they can do with grass and dirt: it is their way of eхperimenting and there is nothing to do about it!

Now when it comes to the question that I bet is on your lips: Is eating poop harmful for my dog, then you should know that there is one thing you need to do and prevent any further health issues from happening: have your dog wormed and vaccinated regularly. It is important to know that worms or larva of these worms can eхist in this poop your dog eats, so for caution measures, just have it vaccinated and properly wormed.

Another issue that you will want to take note of: if you dog overeats poop then you need to have your dog consulted by a vet. Coprophagia (poop eating) can turn into a habit if you do not discourage your dog from doing this. There are many dietary and training strategies to approach in this direction and you can start by clearing your yard area of eхisting poops. Make sure that your dog doesn’t see you doing this, otherwise it will be tempted to follow your eхample only this time with its mouth.


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