10 Ridiculous Facts About Rabbits

1) Rabbits are like dogs, they eat their own poo. And they only eat the soft smelly one.

2) In Chinese story, there are Moon rabbits living on the moon. They are associated with mortar and pestle and they mix the elixir of life for the moon goddess. In Japanese version, the Moon rabbits are more practical and they only make rice cake with the tools.

3) 5 years ago, a USA high school student borrow the book Rabbit Suicide from the library and his mother insisted on burning the book, without returning it to the library. 

4) The longest rabbit proof fence  in Australia was built to prevent rabbits from spreading to the western Australia. But some rabbits jumped across the fence and some dig under it so the fence was an epic fail.

5) Rabbits are associated to Easter because they are a symbol of fertility and birth. And Easter is about Jesus coming back to life.

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